Friday, April 16, 2010

Sarah Palin in Hamilton

I had the privilege of meeting Governor Sarah Palin and her husband Todd. She was extremely charming. I told her I was a Tory blogger and a big fan. She thanked me for coming. Todd introduced himself and I said "you're the first dude" and they both laughed.
There was a sell out crowd of close to 1000 at the event.
Governor Palin spoke for almost 55 minutes. She spoke of family, of politics and of Canada.
She was very complimentary of Hamilton and Canada, She spoke of the deep bonds of fiendship between Canada and the United States. She spoke of the gratitude of the United States for the service of our troops and of the sacrifice of 142 of our children.
She spoke of the extraordinary year 0f 2008 and all she learned from the many challenges of that year. She spoke of her deep faith, her love of family and her love of children. She spoke of the tea parties, of lower taxes and more freedom. She spoke quite a bit about energy independence. She was very enthusiastic about our oil sands and about the oil and gas resources in Alaska. She seeemed to talk about fortress North America.
I found her speech quite moving as did the very enthusiastic audience. She did take written questions from the audience including one from me about the bias of the msm. She said she had been a reporter in college and was very disappointed by the bias of the media in the last 20 years. She spoke about how she could get out her message using social media. She does often put out messages on Facebook.
 More here
and here( You can see me inthe background).
Update: More here, here and here

Her speech at the Boston Tea Party.


Greg said...

Thank you for your account of the event as well as the pictures. Tonight Palin is the keynote speaker at the Women of Joy conference in Louisville Kentucky, all 15,000 tickets have been sold.

Here's a website you may be interested in, it's called Conservatives 4 Palin:

MariaS said...

Thank you Dr.Roy for the great review and the links. The photo with Palin and husband is superb too.

Nicky said...
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Nicky said...

Good write up and I like the pictures too.

But who was that coming in between the Palins. Please what God has joined together, none put asunder /s

Anonymous said...

Only 1000 people showed up? That is disappointing. What is wrong with Canadains that they will not support this great woman?

Roy Eappen said...

Anon, that as many as the fire marshall would allow!

Anonymous said...

Looked like a very successful and involving event. Happily no leftards ruined the day. (real conservative)

William said...

Dr. Roy, we met last night at the Sarah Palin event. I am the MD from Western NY, we sat at your table and I was accompanied by my son. I blogged about the event at TeamSarah. Best Regards

Roy Eappen said...

It was great to meet you William. I welcome all my American readers. A few Palin sites have linked to me.

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