Saturday, April 17, 2010

Salim Mansur on the jihadis

I am blest with many wonderful friends. Three of the got together last week to denounce the jihadis and their defender tariq ramadan. My friend Salim Mansur writes about the even and Marc Lebuis. Marc is almost single handedly exposing the jihadi threat in Quebec. You really should donate to his cause.

Point de bascule, or the tipping point, is a Montreal-based French language webmagazine. It is dedicated to explore and expose Islamist activities in our midst, particularly in Quebec.

Point de bascule is the creation of Marc Lebuis, a remarkable French-Canadian with a passionate interest in global affairs and adeep concern about the dangers of Islamism to his country.

Last Thursday, Point de bascule held a press conference open to the mainstream media and public to discuss the latest lecture tour of Tariq Ramadan in Montreal and Ottawa sponsored by Islamist organizations, such as the various chapters of the Muslim Association of Canada, for fundraising purposes.

In making full disclosure here, I was invited by Marc Lebuis to join four other individuals in exploring the ramifications for us of the transnational political movement that Tariq Ramadan represents, and how Quebec is exceedingly vulnerable in the systematic penetration of Canada by Islamists.

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