Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Replacing the Quebec liberals

This is a good time to think about replacing the grits. I was hoping the ADQ could do this, but they have been a great disappointment to me. A new centre right party? We need an alternative the Quebec liberals. Some of my friends are in the midst of trying to start such a party. I wish them a lot of luck. Remember the lucides?

He suggests a new party's platform might favour decentralized federalism - "something not so far from the Conservatives' platform." He notes that the ADQ's "autonomy" platform under Mario Dumont enjoyed considerable appeal among soft sovereignists in 2007.

Bourque did not discuss the possibility of a reconditioned ADQ filling the vacuum itself. But my sense is that its erratic record and unsophisticated image could be hard to rehabilitate. Note, too, that the ADQ has never won support on Montreal Island, where any new party that hoped to take power would have to dominate.

Yet, curiously, a new party might plausibly occupy a space on the political spectrum not so far from where the ADQ is today. "It would be a centre-right party - fiscally conservative but not socially conservative," says Bourque.

Elaborating, he suggests such a party could borrow much from the so-called "Lucids" - a reference to a committee of federalists and sovereignists, headed by Lucien Bouchard, who four years ago urged the Quebec government to curb its public debt, raise hydro rates, boost productivity, and invest massively in public education and training, among other things.


Anonymous said...

I don't think conservatives will ever appeal to a large percentage of the urban population nor should they. Conservatives can do better than they have been doing in cities but in the cities we find varieties of people that would never find any conservative ideals attractive. (real conservative)

Spin Assassin said...

Parti Fleur de Lis! hehe just my saying it kinda kills it. A new party should be very nationalistic though. A proud Quebec. Fiscally independent, but linked forever by long traditions and history. they would be hard to attack wrapped in all your old symbols.

Anonymous said...

Why should we give up on the A.D.Q.? They were absolutely right about the massive losses at the Quebec pension fund. Charest refused to release the true figures and got his majority - he even scolded Dumont for scaring seniors.

It takes time and resources to start a new party.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what is wrong with the ADQ anyways? It's like the media turned on them or something? (real conservative)

Spin Assassin said...

Nothing saying you can't graft the ADQ into something new. Change the name, use the party machinery if its still there. The ADQ leadership destroyed themselves. That has to be avoided. You need to find people who will put the party above themselves.

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