Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Poor cbc?

The cbc does have its defenders. John doyle thinks we tories beat up too much on the poor little cbc. He doesn't think the cbc is the media arm of the grits. Well he's wrong. He talks about hiring Kory Teneycke, that's the first attempt at hiring someone who isn't a prtisan liberal for some time. The network's ombudsman has noted bias in the past in the case of the venomous heather mallick, who is still an employee of the mother network. Who is the counterpoint to her?? The cbc should be sold or dismanteled, not just because it is a partisan liberal network, but because it serves no useful purpose. Very few people watch its shows even with $1billion in state subsidies. If it is so needed, let investors buy it and support it. Many Canadians object to their tax dollars being wasted.
You should too Mr Doyle,

Fact is, CBC News has contorted itself in order to appear more populist, mainstream and appealing to everyone. It has been terrorized into avoiding any appearance of political bias. That is why Pastor Mansbridge stands around to deliver the news on The National, like a friendly fella hoping to see a friendly face and have a nice chinwag. That’s why there’s all that absurd chumminess on The National. Like when the Pastor talks to Neil Macdonald and they end up going, “Neil,” “Peter,” “Neil,” “Peter,” saying each other’s names over and over. That is why Conservative spokesman Kory Teneycke is now a CBC pundit, taking a verbal knife to representatives of the left. That is why CBC made more episodes of Dragons’ Den and promoted it heavily – it’s a capitalist Cinderella story for God’s sake. That is why CBC cancelled Intelligence, a show with a serious, subversive subtext about American influence on Canada. In the latter case, I’m totally speculating, and I’m just saying. But, you know, go figure.


Jen said...

let's see how much CBC will broadcast this 24/7

Dosanjh's homeland barb a joke, he says
'Buy land in Alberta,' backers of Khalistan told

Ian Austin, Canwest News Service
Published: Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh said he was just being "sarcastic" when he suggested on a radio talk show that Sikhs who want an independent Khalistan should "buy land in Alberta and make their own country."

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Brian Busby said...

I suppose you'd consider me one of those CBC defenders... though I've never been a defender of Heather Mallick. That said, in the interests of fairness and accuracy, I think it should be pointed out that Ms. Mallick, a freelance writer, is not an employee of the CBC.

While Ms. Mallick was once criticized by the CBC's ombudsman, this had naught to do with bias. Indeed, as an occasional columnist, - five thus far this year - it's her role to express an opinion, much like Alan Gregg, Andrew Coyne, Kory Teneyche or that other recent hire Kevin O'Leary.

Roy Eappen said...

Thanks for the comment Brian. the cbc was also criticized for having balance to mallick's toxic views. There is still very view in the organization who are not hard core leftists. Kory is one of only a few blue voice among a sea of cbc red.

been around the block said...

C'mon, Brian Busby. The CBC is as biased as Pravda. I've been monitoring -- I just wrote monitorying: I kind of like my new word! -- the CBC for well over 30 years, when I went from being a me-me-me-lefty hippie to a grownup c/Conservative.

For as long as I've been doing this, the CBC has been a biased- shilling-for-the-left-lib organization. I've always said that a "balanced" report on the CBC is slightly left of centre, very left of centre, and totally out in left field.

They're blissfully -- after all, they get one-billion dollar$ of our tax money every year, no matter what -- unconcerned about shilling for the l/Liberal side of things. (And what would I have known before I grew up? I lived in La-La-Land and was clueless. What the CBC said was Gospel -- only, I would have spelled it with a small "g.")

When you keep company only with like-minded lefties, in a hermetically sealed CBC ivory tower in Toronto (the centre of the universe: yeah, right), is it any wonder that CBC journalists have no idea that there's a big, wide world out there -- WHICH DOESN'T THINK LIKE THEM?

Their viewership is tanking and the only thing that keeps them afloat is the billion dollar$ they suck from Canadian taxpayers.

'You want to investigate a scandal? Check out the CBC, how much they cost the taxpayers of Canada, how "balanced" (sic) they are, and what return we get for our money.


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