Sunday, April 11, 2010

Persichilli on duceppe

A couple of years ago two of my more separatist friends told me Quebecers would never vote for separation, but perhaps maybe Canada would push Quebec out. That seems to be the duceppe strategy.

Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe has decided to tour the country to convince Canadians that it would be good for us if Quebec separated.

Canadians love Quebec but Duceppe may not have to work too hard to convince Canadians to let it go. Many are tired of the annoying lament from a province that keeps yelling at those who pay part of its bills and are concerned by the over-representation of francophones in our bureaucracy, our Parliament and our institutions.

The notion that we have to do whatever it takes to keep Quebec happy in order to keep Canada united is not only wrong, it's counterproductive. In fact, the special treatment given to Quebec is balkanizing this country so that all the provinces are starting to consider Ottawa only as an ATM machine that dispenses money. The new mentality is affecting Ontario, the province that has paid the most, along with Alberta, to sustain the fake equation of a happy Quebec equals a united Canada.

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CanadianSense said...

Canadians are not pushing Quebec out.

Canadians are losing interesting in rewarding the Bloc voters (approximately 1 million) with continued funding. (Party subsidy)

Equalization should be fair.

The threats of leaving is losing it cachet in Quebec and outside. The recession and job losses outside Quebec has heightened the inequity of some programs.

Where are the economists, allies to this new financial, constitutional model?

Where are the reports and studies that demostrate it would do better?

The loss of the long standing Bloc seat was substantial and under reported. (16 years held By elections 2009)

The Liberals made gains with Dion 3% in popular support. Same with NDP.

If all federalist parties break the cycle of appeasement, the one million Bloc voters may be encouraged to un-park their votes. The lessons from Brian Mulroney should not be ignored.

The number of contributors for the Bloc has steadily declined for several years. The Bloc are the most dependent of the taxpayer subsidy. Remove it and weaken both Federal and Provincial parties to wage their separtist political games.

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