Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oh What a Lovely war

I recently saw the SoulPepper production of Oh What a Lovely War. It is a musical with the songs of the great war mixed in with a message about he evils of war. Written by lefty Joan Littlewood. The production was very well done. It is really a tribute to the lowly soldier and an indictment of the upper classes and capitalism. Well what do you expect from a left wing playwright. There is of course a modicum of in this work.
10 million died in the war to end all wars. The young men of a generation died, only to have another bigger conflict thirty years later. The characters were all dressed as clowns throughout most of the performance. The singing and staging were fantastic. One did truly sympathize with the real heros, the young soldiers sent to sacrifice everything for their Country. Albert Shultz added mentions of Vimy and Canada into thisessentially British play. A great revival of an iconic play. This is the second WWi play of the Soul Pepper season after opening with Billy Bishop Goes to War.

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