Thursday, April 08, 2010

OECD says Canada is tops economically

 Even more good economic news for Canada. The OECD predicts for robust growth indeed. Perhaps iffy should stop reading the newspapers. This appeared in the red  star. None of this is good news for the hapless, rudderless grits.

Canada ‘enthusiastic rebound’ best in G7, OECD says

Julian Beltrame, The Canadian Press
OTTAWA — Canada’s economy is blowing its G7 peers out of the water in terms of the speed and strength of its economic recovery, says a new outlook from a leading international organization.

The Paris-based Organization for Economic Development and Co-operation says Canada’s economy likely grew 6.2 per cent in the first quarter of this year, well ahead of the 1.9 per cent overall growth estimated for the other G7 countries.


Anonymous said...

I read a comment on another blog about this from an American. Something like:

Yeah-Canadians got it right.They elected a trained economist with 20 years of policy and political experience as Prime Minister.

We Americans elected a showboat whose only talent is reading a teleprompter.

Figure it out- who is best to manage a country's economy:
An economist or an actor?

Owner and Doggy said...

An economist who said that the economy was going fine while the rest of the world said that we were on the brink of a recession.

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