Thursday, April 29, 2010

Non religious and pro life

I am Christian and I am pro life, but I have friends who are pro life and not religious. My opposition to abortion is not just religious, but on a biological basis. A growing fetus is a baby. We cannot determine the exact moment of viability and we cannot really know when the babe in the womb feels pain. As such I oppose abortion as a violation of the rights of another.
a good piece from Kelly McParland.

A reader e-mailed recently to suggest I must be a religious fanatic, because I don’t support abortion.

He explained that the vast majority of people who oppose abortion are fundamentalist religious whackos who believe there’s a “spirit” in the fetus, and that’s why they object to aborting it.

News to me. I told him I hadn’t been to church in years, and religion had nothing to do with it. I just think it’s wrong to take someone else’s life without their consent. And I can’t convince myself that the roundish tendency you’ll notice among pregnant women results from something other than a life growing inside them. You don’t have to be the pope to believe a person’s life is their own, and the rest of us should keep our hands off.

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