Sunday, April 11, 2010

msm leftist bias

Lord Black explains why the American media's bias has driven away a lot of the public.

The large gorilla lurching around the room is that all these people are in successful revolt against the traditional U.S. mainstream national media. Apart from Henry Ford's popularization of the automobile, it has been the most successful American revolution since Paul Revere's ride.

The average American talk-radio devotee, or Ann Coulter admirer, would probably not articulate in detail the reasons for his disaffection with the traditional media, beyond imputing to them a few attitudes deemed to be unpatriotic, over-indulgent of the welfare-dependent and of antagonistic foreigners, and scornful of civic, religious and cultural traditions embraced by the majority of Americans.


Anonymous said...

Yes true. The crazier the leftists get to ram their revolution down the throats of Americans the bigger the minority grows against them. They are desperate. I pray the same thing happens up here. (real conservative)

Hoarfrost said...

The rightists in the U.S. need to be "hoisted on their own petard" too. The political debate in the U.S has become extremist on the left, epitomised by Pelosi et al,and Rush Limbaugh's histrionics on the right.

The many many Americans of my aquaintance would love to see a middle of the road Conservative party as we have here. They would also recognise the invasion of the Liberal Party by socialists from their far left epitomised by Bob Rae and Gerard Kennedy.

Anonymous said...

How can you be middle of the road and conservative? I think you refer to such as 'moderates.' The problem with moderates is that they don't believe in much, think that everyone else will agree with them and in recent decades I would call such people liberals. What a lot of people do not understand is that the hysteronics started after the rise of the left on this continent. Debate at one time was civil and adult even if it didn't always produce the desire response. It is the left that changed the rules primarily and now the right has to fight for its very survival. Meanwhile the 'moderates' don't know what to do.. they tried to 'buy' everyone off for decades but all that did is get us 'broke.' (real conservative)

I Support Lord Black