Thursday, April 29, 2010

More anti Christian nonsense in the UK...

and an excellent ruling in the US.

Rev Mark Binney, vicar of St Andrew’s Church, Hampton, Worcs, said he had been told he needed planning permission if he wanted to fly a flag “advertising Christianity” in future.
The flag was put up outside the church in the week preceding Easter Sunday displaying the words 'This is Holy Week' and an image of Jesus on the cross.

Mr Binney said the warning was “appalling”, and he felt it was part of a gradual erosion of Christianity in Britain.


Anonymous said...

Is Britain not pushing a global one world religion yet? I mean they can't stop at being the world's premiere first world police state can't they? (real conservative)

Peter said...

Not at all surprising....Britain is now an Islamic dhimmi state.

been around the block said...

And, check out this article by the incomparable Melanie Phillips about the failed diplomacy of the Brits vis a vis Pope Benedict XVI's autumn visit. This is appalling:

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