Saturday, April 24, 2010

Maxime Bernier irritates Quebec statists and separatists? Good

So Maxime is annoying separatists and other statists in la belle province. That makes me very happy. I guess separatists and statists can't handle the truth. keep speaking the truth Maxime. I again urge HM PM Stephen Harper to again have a champion of freedom and capitalism back in cabinet.

One of Mr. Bernier's few defenders in Quebec this week, apart from his caucus colleagues, was La Presse editorial-page editor André Pratte. He wondered why Mr. Bernier's speech had caused such a stir. "Mr. Bernier has a very negative view of state interventionism. Is that prohibited in Quebec?" Mr. Pratte wrote Thursday. Instead of "climbing the walls at the smallest criticism of Quebec government policies," he added, Quebec's politicians should admit that Mr. Bernier is right: some of those policies are driving Quebec toward "a brick wall." Even Mr. Bachand, the Finance Minister, who lashed out at Mr. Bernier, declared last month while delivering the provincial budget, that the days of sacred cows in Quebec were over.

Mr. Bernier hopes his preaching of the conservative gospel will rival the efforts of his separatist opponents. "They have a cause," he said. "They believe in the independence of Quebec. They think that is the best thing for Quebecers, and they explain that and they have a lot of people behind them.

"It's the same thing for us. We have a cause. We believe in individual freedom. We believe in less government. We believe in people, so we must explain that to Canadians and Quebecers, and I'm doing that."

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