Friday, April 23, 2010

grit hack apologizes after exposure

Liberal hack frank graves, now understands he and his company might lose a lot of money from his exposure as a partisan grit. He tries to apologize and deny he is a grit partisan.
 it's not really an apology and I don't believe it. The grit apologists at the cbc, like Tory hating kady, are eager to cover the tracks of this fellow traveller. 
 CBC needs to fire EKos. Ekos needs to fire graves to salvage any semblance of it's credibility.

update Tories complain to CBC ombudsman. Let's all complain.


wilson said...

CBC is a crown corporation...I demand a committe investigation!
LPC interference!

Anonymous said...

Ekos is not a polling company but a LPC insider lobbyer with unrestricted government access. Is Graves the enenmy of the state the media wants to burn at the stake instead of Jaffer? One wonders. (real conservative)

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