Friday, April 09, 2010

Interview with a "professor"

One of the 16 Regina "profs" "answers" questions with Tom Clark. He doesn't seem to understand English. He looks like he 
needs a bath

you can email these profs here.


Anonymous said...

This professor seems to be in a different time zone then the rest of us. Seems to me the word "HERO" is a real issue with him, I am guessing because he does not seem to want to be forthright. I would like to tell him that "Canadian Imperialism" is just lefty bullcrap, the only land we occupy or continue to occupy in someone elses country is for the graves of our fallen heroes. He should be ashamed.
Cheers Bubba

Kunoichi said...

Wow! Is this prof stoned or something? He was barely lucid!

MadTrucker said...

It's rare for me to ever describe a TV interview as jaw-dropping, but...WTF was that?

This vacuous buffoon is a university professor?!? Holy !@#$%&*!!!!

I have two sons soon to enter post-secondary education, and suddenly, I'm starting to feel a little queasy...

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