Monday, April 05, 2010

Internet opinion

I started this blog, because I was sick of the Tory bashing, grit loving msm. Some opf my friends point out that I am preaching to the converted. That is true to a large extent. However the biased msm doe actually read our blogs and perhaps it gives them something to think about.
This authour thinks the internet just hardens opinion. I make no claim to be neutral, while the msm pretends it is. how is this any different than picking your newspaper. There are more conservative and less conservative papers. I actually read both. I think many od us do to see what our enemies are up to. I think this authour's point is not completely true. People tend to read waht they are comfortable wirh, wheter newspaper or internet. At least online communities are honest about their biases.

That was 30 years ago. Nowadays, there’s a new way to feel comfortable with our prejudices. We just go online, where communities reinforce what they already believe. Online, we can live quite happily without knowing a thing about anyone else’s point of view except the essential fact that whatever it is, it’s wrong.

Anyone concerned about the diversity of thought and values should worry about this hardening trend. And it’s ironic, because the social web offers unlimited opportunities to know at least something about the ideas and beliefs of others. Certainly, many people take advantage of that every day.


Anonymous said...

Don’t think of it as preaching to the converted. Think of it as arming the converted.

Many of us baby boomers converted after making the mistake of voting for Trudeau. But the forces of “progressivism” in places like Montreal and Toronto have been very powerful and bolstered by the left wing MSM ( including the CBC which Conservatives even fund with our taxes) and Academia.

Until blogs came along we often didn’t confront the mis and dis-information spread by these “progressive” forces because we didn’t have the facts at hand to confront their agenda. Now thanks to blogs like yours we can arm ourselves daily and confront the lies. Slowly we are wearing down the arrogant self-righteousness of the progressives. The legacy media is tumbling. Unfortunately Academia, with its tenure, is still stacked with progressive groupthinkers.


Jen said...

Although FOXMEDIA or shows like Glenn BECK, O'REILY do not spesk for canada, what they do say about the 'MSM' and the media's neglect to report what should have been reported months ago relates to the same canadian media that fail to report what should have been reported years ago.

Take for instances, the ADSCAM SCANDAL- not much of anything or shall I say nothing of it is heard on NATIONAL TELEVISION, whereas it would have been seen and heard a long time ago on FOX.

There are good reporters out there but are only been read on paper.

The Canadian National television media remind me of HUGO CHAVEZ'S very own media-they don't cannot nor are they allowed to speak against nor they allow to reveal any damaging news pertaining to their very own liberals or chavez's behaviour..

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