Thursday, April 01, 2010

In Praise of HM Minister of Citizenship Jason Kenney

I consider Jason a friend. I think he does an absolutely amazing job in his portfolio. His latest on reforming the refugee system is again very good work. Even our enemies think it is a good idea.
Canada has a crying need for a revamped refugee-determination system, and it is to the credit of the Conservative government that in a minority Parliament it has crafted a bold set of proposals that are fair and respect due process, while also seeking to deter those who would play this country for fools.

It is ludicrous that the average period to hear a claim and send a failed claimant home is 4.5 years. It is a not very funny joke that one failed claimant, Harjit Singh of India, managed to stay 17 years after his claim was rejected, while his many appeals were heard. It is absurd that democratic countries such as the United States, Costa Rica and Hungary regularly make it among the top 10 source countries for refugee claimants – even as refugees languish in United Nations-designated camps, unable to benefit from Canada's protection.


Pissedoff said...

Bet the Libs and NDP don't agree

Brian said...

Now Canada needs a leader who will use the Not Withstanding clause to repeal the Singh ruling , which certainly was never the intention even in Trudeau's wildest dream, and which was foisted on Canadians by a leftist Supreme Court !

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