Wednesday, April 14, 2010

iffy flips flops yet again

This morning I posted about lefty frances who was angry that iffy hadn't toptally surrendered to the ndp wing of the grits. He said he was ok with the co pays proposeded by Quebec for medical visits. Well now iffy has waved the white flag.
This morning he believed provinces should have some autonomy to experiemnt with new ideas. This evening he has returned to the stultified ideas of his puppet master rae and dosanjh. blue ligberals better watch out, there is no place for you in the grits. The ndp wing has won. frances must be leaping in the air.
"I want to make it very clear that our party, and I personally, am a passionate defender of the Canada Health Act and we understand that provinces are facing substantial challenges facing the financing of their health care systems but we wanted to say that . . . if the government of any province were to introduce user fees it is our belief that that would be in contravention to the Canada Health Act and we would oppose it," Mr. Ignatieff said following a caucus meeting.


ck said...

While Iggy somewhat supported Charest, he always maintained back then that health care must remain universal and that the Canada Health Act must be respected.

Did you forget the hipocratic oath? I think it meant healing the poor as well.

You seem to have a problem with health care being given to the poor, as well as it almost seems like you enjoy seeing the poor get poorer and to suffer more; why is that?

Jen said...

Why shouldn't Ignatieff flip flop, he is covered by the media.

Face Dr. Roy, when it comes to the LPOC, they are entitle to do as they please but not you me innocent canadians not even the canadian troops.

We need a media that can hold the liberal media to account just it is done in the states.

Here is a question you must ask the media when they claim to care,
"If you care so deeply for canadians why are you not after the LPOC for the millions of dollars which they took from us including you(reporter)?

Funny? the afghans lived under torture day and night for decades, there were no other kind of media to hear their cries only were there surrounded by the taliban media.
Yet Roy, those afghans lived each day knowing that one day someone will rescue them from the clutches of terror and daily ritual of hate from the taliban.
Today the afghan women and girls are free to go to school and the best of all they got rid of the taliban media. I salute them for their great effort and determination to find the freedom we take for granted.

What I am getting at, the afghan made the point of ridding the media that lied manipulated them daily and yet we can't get rid of the media/s that are doing the very same thing as the taliban.

Again, until we banish the CBC CTV and the garbage reporters that have no love or respect for this nation and us- get used to the idea of being treated like the Afghans.

Bottom line is, the media hates democracy and want us to live in a world of hate corruption and in a world of our own.

We have a choice so act on it before the media takes us down with them.

In the meantime, the liberals walk on water in their media's eyes.

wilson said...

'Some what supported' Charest, are you joking ck?

He scrambled to find the nearest mic to applaud Charest.
The Montreal conference gave him all sorts of courage to go BIG, and reform healthcare.

And now, 12 days later, again, as usual, he changes his mind.

The guy doesn't know if he is coming or going.
Iffy doesn't have a flaming idea about anything other than smearing Conservative women.

April 3,2010
. "In our opinion," Ignatieff said, "what matters is maintaining universality of access to the system. We believe, and it's a question of details, that Quebec's propositions conform to the Canada Health Act."

Anonymous said...

Dr. Roy, your blog is terrific but your constant spelling/typing mistakes in most of your postings detract from the seriousness of your assertions. Give the spell check a try. Have a great day!


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