Sunday, April 25, 2010

HRH The Princess Royal in Newfoundland

HRH The Princess Anne, Colonel in Chief of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment has presented new colours to the regiment. She was also awarded an honourary degree from Memorial University. More pics here.

She made special reference to the carnage of Beaumont Hamel on July 1, 1916 when much of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment was killed or wounded.

Families across the province are still profoundly marked by the staggering losses of that day."The 801 men who went over the top that morning earned the glorious title of 'Better than the Best'," Princess Anne said.

"Only 68 of them were able to answer the roll call the next morning. We all live in hope that that sacrifice will never happen again."

She also paid homage to those who continue to serve in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

"I know that the men and women of today's regiment will honour the courage, sacrifice and devotion to Canada symbolized by these colours. I salute them, and I wish them Godspeed and a safe passage wherever their service for their country and their regiment may take them."

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