Thursday, April 29, 2010

HM ex PM gordon brown

labour and gordon brown have been a disaster for the people of the United Kingdom. gordon brown has contempt for the average pensioner who actually votes for labour. Imagine what he says about other average voters. This should finish off the brownian nightmare. Of course we see the leftist elites saying he should called this woman a bigot to her face. Fortunately this happened live, Mrs Duffy might have benn questioned by new lanbour's thought police otherwise. I hope the Tories can manage an absolute majority, because the lib dems aren't much better than labour.

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Anonymous said...

Blair/Brown have done a lot of damage to England. I read an article in Today's Sun (British), about a town in England where 75% of the kids born out of wedlock. Much of the families are on welfare. England is being destroyed and Brown's comment confirms this to those that can hear properly. (real conservative)

I Support Lord Black