Friday, April 16, 2010

grits and iffy live in the past

A great article by Lorne Gunter. iffy is truly yesterday's man. The grits have time warped to the 60's. Wake up grits, e en the "thinkers" at your conference said medicare is not sustainable. I guess besides worshipping al gore and his church, the grits need to worship medicare as a religion. Perhaps should read the constitution and remember that health is a provincial government. Healthcare will very soon gobble up more than 70% of provincial budgets.
Tough choices and innovative programs will be needed to keep medicare from collapsing under its own weight. The grits and timid iffy have clearly said that the status quo is all they understand.

So Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has decided to become the Canada Health Act’s new BFF. What’s next, a call to bring back the Foreign Investment Review Agency? A revival of regulated airline fares or Canadian content television rules?

What other grandiose federal schemes will Mr. Ignatieff dredge up from our Trudeauvian past?

Until last week, the Canada Health Act (CHA) was dying a slow, quiet death. Provinces — particularly Quebec — were permitting private innovation in health-care delivery; and the federal Tory government, like the Liberal one before it, wasn’t lifting a finger to stop the trend.

Then, last week, the Quebec Liberal government used its budget to revive user fees for doctors visits. By 2012, Quebecers would be paying as much as $250 a year extra on their taxes to fund their use of the province’s health care system and as much as $25 per visit to a doctor’s office.

At first, no one, not even the leader of the federal party that gave us government monopoly care, showed any interest in stepping forward to defend the CHA CHA CHA : Mr. Ignatieff’s initial reaction was more shrugged shoulders than raised fist. Having lived much of his life in countries (the United States, Britain) where it is usual to be charged a small fee per office visit to cover the doctor’s staff, rent and paperwork costs, the Grit boss seemed rightly unconcerned by Quebec’s move.

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Thucydides said...

Social, demographic and economic conditions have changed a great deal even in the last five years, yet the people at the "Thinker's conference" seemed totally unable to comprehend these new conditions, much less address them.

Sadly, the CPC isn't doing a stellar job here either.

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