Monday, April 26, 2010

grit phony scandals don't resonate

John Tory and Charles Adler discuss another grit non scandal. It's not like the real scandal of Adscam.
Watch here.


Anonymous said...

John Tory has certainly found his groove. He is very good at news talk both on the radio and on camera. He can add a lot to the Canadian conservative movement from the media perch.

I suppose we should give credit to CTV for even having Adler and Tory on their show. But even a Liberal Jane Taber has to admit that John Tory is hard not to like even if she disagrees with him.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, RIGHT ON - enough of this crap about illegal lobbying and possible influence peddling. NOt a REAL scandal like the one Haprer and his followers used to take over a committee in the very important Ruby Dhalla housekeeper/nanny affair. Yeah, claims about employment conditions for domestic workers at an opposition MP's residence are MUCH more important than a fomrer Con Caucus Chair and spouse of current Cab Min peddling influence all over her (then) current colleagues in cabinet....

You guys are dependably and laughably hypocritical and just about every issue imaginable.

And read JOhn Doyle's column again - you might not feel so flattered, unless you view capacity for demagoguery, bluster and savage rhetoric a great compliment.

Anonymous said...

Anon , Helena is out. But she’s innocent until the investigations are complete.

Meanwhile nothing happened to Ruby, she’s still in. She’s free to put up members bills that give aging immigrants government pensions after only 3 years in Canada.

So what’s comparable here .. just more “progressive” bait and switch?


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