Thursday, April 01, 2010

grit malaise

The NP has a good editorial on the grits. Eevn they think iffy and his crew are delusional.

Liberal claims that they made Canada a "soft power" with their eagerness to work through multilateral international institutions are largely self-delusional. Their last great internationalist leader -- Pierre Trudeau -- was unable to find any audience for his farewell world tour promoting nuclear disarmament. (Among world leaders, only Fidel Castro and Jimmy Carter could be bothered to attend his funeral.) Under the Liberals, Canada may have had more influence with the United Nations, terror-sponsoring states and assorted dictators, but so what? This approach achieved little for us or the world. In net terms, it probably did harm.

It will be tough for the Liberals to remake themselves given their continued belief in one-size-fits-all solutions to social problems, and their off-putting self-assurance that they alone possess enough love for Canada to determine what is good for the country.

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