Sunday, April 04, 2010

green and immoral?

An interesting study from the U of T.

Every now and then, science hands you a gift.

Canadian researchers have discovered environmentally conscious people are jerks.

The researchers didn’t put it that way, because they’re Canadian.

But the two University of Toronto psychologists say that people who buy ecologically friendly products — socially conscious types wallowing in their own moral superiority — use their enviro-cred to excuse bad behaviour.

The study showed that, when playing games administered by the psychologists, green people are less likely to share wealth with those around them, and more likely to lie within the context of the those games in order to enrich themselves.

Which totally explains Al Gore.

People who think they’re doing something for the environment by buying a product labelled “green” get to feeling all warm and fuzzylike.

It makes them feel as though they are good people.

Nothing could be farther from the truth, of course.

Feeding the hungry, working with drug addicts, visiting elderly shut-ins ... all those things make you a good person.

Buying politically correct dishwashing liquid just means you’re a little more susceptible to advertising than smart people.

But no matter.

The issue is buying so-called eco-friendly stuff makes greenies feel highly moral.

That, the psychologists theorize, allows them to give themselves permission to be unethical jerks in other areas of their lives.

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Anonymous said...

If I can distill this: these are really amoral people who trying to avoid feeling guilt need to convince themselves that they are good people and thus continue their amoral behaviour which is entirely for their own personal gain. The guilt remover is a construct, an academic argument of moral superiority which often is narrow in scope. Yeah, pretty much what I thought about the subject too. (real conservative)

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