Thursday, April 08, 2010

Good News?

Well I think less civil servants is a good idea. I would like to see far greater cuts to the civil service. Ottawa's real problem is a lack of other industries.

10,000 PS jobs on the line: report

Spending restraints will take toll on region over next three years, Conference Board says


Hold on to your hats. The economic recovery in the capital region could be brief.

The Ottawa-Gatineau economy could lose almost 10,000 government jobs over the next three years as federal spending restraint casts a pall over the region.

In a report Wednesday, the Conference Board of Canada predicted the public service decline could be the biggest since 1991-98 when 19,000 federal government jobs were lost to layoffs, early retirement and other incentives to leave.


Spin Assassin said...

Just wait till they all get jobs making something or providing demand driven services.

ck said...

Loss of 10,000 jobs. This is good news how?

It's almost like you all forget that civil servants are human beings who also have families to feed and bills to pay...

10,000 out of work concentrated in the same region...sounds like disaster in the making...

L said...

Yay! I was a civil servant and lived through 91 slice, which was a great idea, except for the rich buy-outs which cost taxpayers a small fortune and still do today. I saw all the wasteful increases and stupid programs through the Lib years after 1993. Disgusting!

The CPC are very smart. DMs get NO MORE $, so they have to decide whether to pay their young clerks increases to 45k a year or hire a biologist or start a new program/shut down an old one. Puts the responsibility where it should be: on the high priced help, who have never been accountable. They will have to actually have to take responsibility for union negotiations for a change vs. just getting an automatic increase when collective agreements come up for renewal.

Owner and Doggy said...

No job losses are good. Is your party supporting laying off people,or actually helping them? By looking at what you wrote, I would say the first one.

Spin Assassin said...

Yeah! If the government just hires everybody and makes the tax rate 100% it will be just perfect.

Look people, its not about your job. The Government is just too big.

You know that you will be fine, probably better than I was through this recession. Nobody pity's my dead business. Life goes on. You dust yourself off and get back at it.

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