Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fraser Institute Mining Survey

                                                                                                                      Sebastien Cote

                                       Miguel Cervantes  Jacques Minardi  Fred McMahon

                                            Quebec Mining Minister Serge Simard

I had the chance to go to a Fraser Institute event in Montreal, where the annual survey on Mining was released.
 The event took place at the Montreal Stock Exchange tower. There were many lawyers, mining executives and business people in attendance.  It is basically a large survey of mining executives on whether the area they are working in is a favourable business climate for mining. Interestingly Quebec came out at the top of the survey. The greater the level of freedom, the better the mining environment. One of the  other thing that mining executives are looking for is stability. You can read the report here.
 The report is used by many governments and mining companies. It is another great thing that the Fraser Institute does for the cause of freedom.
It was nice to chat with Fred McMahon again. I had met previously at an Institute for Liberal studies event. He is a staunch believer in freedom. I also say a new friend, Suzanne Leclair whi is intersted in mining and property rights. You can read her blog here.

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