Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Frances is always wrong, so....

healthcare co pays are probably a very good idea. I actually think they are a good idea. I think allowing a parallel private health care system is also a good idea. "progressive" frances russell is upset that iffy hasn't completely sold out to the ndp. frances and her ilk just want the more conservative grits to go already. she wants a true rae/ dosanjh party. Wel frances, you may get your wish. That's were the grits are heading and if that is the case, they will be in opposition for a very long time.

Ignatieff blows best opportunity
By: Frances Russell
14/04/2010 1:00 AM | Comments: 1
Quebec put medicare back in political play and Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff immediately punted his party off the electoral field.
"In our opinion, what matters is maintaining universality of access to the system," he said. "We believe, and it's a question of details, that Quebec's propositions conform to the Canada Health Act."

He is wrong. Universal access is lost. Quebec's proposals violate the CHA.
Health care perennially ranks first or second when Canadians are asked to name their top concern. The Liberals are identified as the party of medicare because they introduced the CHA in 1984 to protect the five principles of medicare -- universality, comprehensiveness, accessibility, portability and public administration -- from the privatizers.
The act had teeth. Provinces that limited universal access with user fees, private clinics, extra-billing and other forms of "two-tier" health were penalized by having health transfers docked -- one dollar for every dollar charged patients.
The Liberals lost power to Brian Mulroney's Conservatives later that year. Pummelled by ideological hostility, concern over rising federal deficits and debt, not to mention the clarion call of provincial rights, the health act began its long slide towards dead-letter law.

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