Monday, April 26, 2010

ex grit John Nunziata defends Helena

I have been disgusted by the way Helena Guergis has been treated. What about due process? What about innocent until proven guilty. It is all lies, gossip and innuendo. Even some grits are disgusted. I have never met Helena Guergis and I have met Rahim once or twice. I think they can both sue for slander.


Ted Betts said...

Due process indeed. It is a shame that her own party and leader didn't even give her a chance, just booted her out not just of cabinet but out of caucus altogether and launched not just an ethics investigation but called in the cops on her.

Talk about throwing one of your own under the bus.

Roy Eappen said...

I agree Ted, but it is your friends who are making outrageous statements. iffy has accused Helena of all kinds of things outside of the house. Helena needs to sue him.

Ted Betts said...

Sorry, Dr. Eappen, but I am aware of Ignatieff asking all sorts of questions about the government but I am not aware of any accusations he's made about her other than about her competence, which no one challenges.

The Liberals had only ever asked that she be booted from cabinet based upon her performance and conduct.

It is Harper who relied on third hand gossip from an unknown bankrupt P.I., didn't give Guergis a chance to respond, didn't even tell her what the "serious and credible" allegations were, and continues to refuse to be accountable to Canadians... before calling in the cops on her and booting her from caucus, leaving all sorts of innuendo and gossip about what these "serious and credible" allegations are.

If he had any decency, he would let us know so that Guergis could either defend herself from Harper's charges or admit them and move on.

Anonymous said...

I don't recall your interest in due process regarding Ruby Dhalla.

wilson said...

Oh give it up Ted.
You loser leader has attacked Helena and Jaffer personally, inside and outside of Parliament.
You want details, ask their lawyer.

Iffy called Helena a liar, and suggested on national tv that she and her husband are somehow connected to organized crime, all said outside of Parliamentary immunity.
I hope they sue Iffy and Pat Martin big time.
Your leader Iffy is a petty vicious gossip monger.

PMSH was acting as party leader when Helena was removed from caucus, just like when Garth Turner was turfed....and it's none of anyones business why,
it wasn't a government decision, it was a party decision.

Anonymous said...

Harper had to give Helena the boot, parliament would come to s screeching halt if she still remained in caucus.
Yes, I have met Helena several times, found her to be a delight for Rahim...........didn't like him.

Ted Betts said...

Oh Wilson.

You just can't help yourself to make stuff up, eh.

Harper was only making a "party decision"???? Not according to what the Conservatives are saying.

Guergis would already be forgotten if all he had done was remove her from cabinet.

But make things up, so perfectly suits a culture of deceit.

Owner and Doggy said...

Harper obviously removed Guergis from the Conservative caucus because he had valid reasons. It's Harper who used this slander. Ted is completely right. If she sues Ignatieff, she should also sue Harper.

Louise said...

Canadians are ignoring the whole thing. Another trumped up non-scandal with a Liberal cheering section. Booooorring!

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