Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Even leftists like dosanjh are ...

beginning to understand the nightmare trudeau left Canada. I have railed against toxic multiculturalism for a long time. I have particularly mentioned the Sikh, Tamil and Muslim communities, where this toxic multiculturalism has become very dangerous for Canada and those communities. ujjal calls it distorted. nonsense, this was exactly as trudeau wanted it. Cultural ghettoes so the grits could get ethnic votes and marginalizing English Canadian culture. Maybe ujjal needs to read the new citizenship guide and support the Tories rather than continue in a party that marches with terrorists and continues to support toxic multiculturalism. " These politically correct' Canadians are not generally Tories, ujjal.

Ujjal Dosanjh, a former Liberal cabinet minister and onetime B.C. premier, says Sikh extremism is on the rise in some parts of the country, and blamed, in part, “politically correct” Canadians who let it happen in the name of diversity.

Mr. Dosanjh, who was savagely beaten in Vancouver in 1985 after speaking out against religious violence, said Canadian multiculturalism has allowed extremism to take root in Sikh and other ethnic communities.

That militancy is worse now, he said, than a generation ago when extremists blew up an Air India flight, killing 329 people, most of them Canadians. Ironically, Mr. Dosanjh said separatist extremism is more entrenched in some Canadian Sikh communities than in Punjab, the Indian region where the Khalistan movement – named after the theoretical Sikh country – originated.


CanadianSense said...

Will he brought before the HRC for hurting someone's feeings?


Will he need security for making an observation on the danger of extremism being allowed in Canada?

Alberta Girl said...

Funny how Dosanj complains about the "politically correct" when he uses pc continually in his rants against the Harper gov't.

I guess when it is against HIS beliefs it makes it wrong but when Tories are not politically correct, it becomes a scandal.

Jen said...

If he was back as an NDPER, ujjal would blame the liberals for this problem but now that he is a liberal he should welcome the idea of Trudeau's to widen this country with multiculturalism.
You know how the liberals like to brag about themselves: "we are the first to do this and that."

Now that the situation which he pointed out has gotten out of hand he like you said Roy, to vote along with the conservatives on the 'new immigration bill.'

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