Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dr Shirin Ebadi

                                                         Rocco Rossi                               John Tory

                                                             Conservative MP John Weston

                                                                chief Ontario censor

I attended the Toronto CIPP event with Nobel peace laureate,Dr Shirin Ebadi. My facebook friend Mark Persaud is the founder of the CIPP (and an ex grit) and he invited me. My friend Winston told be that Dr Ebadi is actually very anti Israel and anti US. He actually turned down a free ticket to the event. Dr Ebadi is a tiny lady. She doesn't speak English , so you had to talk to her through an interpreter. I did get to meet her and told her I was a Tory blogger. She told me there were many bloggers in Iran. I told her I knew of Iranian bloggers in Canada who were trying to help free the people of Iran. I asked her if the regime in Iran could be overthrown.She said yes , but it was not clear when this would happen.
At dinner I sat with John Tory and Rocco Rossi,my friend and one of the people who made this event happen Wendy Noble, an oncologist from Sunnybrook, two police officers and a number of Canadians of Iranian origin. I told Mr Rossi that I have denounced him a number times on my blog and he just laughed.
After dinner there were several speeches with John Weston introducing Dr Ebadi.
Dr Ebadi gave a speech in farsi that was translated into English. I was quite impressed with the beginning of the speech where she spoke of the illegitimacy of the Iranian regime. She spoke of how they had shot protesters, jailed people for thought crimes, and turned Iran into a massive prison. Dr. Ebadi( she is a lawyer) is now in exile but still defends people in Iran from the tyrannical regime. Unfortunately after a great first part of the speech, I was quite disappointed with its ending. She said that Iran was guilty of human rights abuses and iRan says other countries like the US and Israel also violate human rights. She basiclly said two wrongs didn't make a right. She basically said the US and Israel were also human rights abusers. She also said she wanted no sanction or military action to taken against Iran.
I of course disagree. Winston was right
Ambassador Bolton on Iran:


Winston said...

Ayatollah Ebadi does not live in exile. She lives in Iran. The reason I turned down the invite was that she is an anti-American, anti-Israeli Muslim who knows nothing about anything. She is a useful idiot

lotf ali said...

I have visited Dr. Ebadi's office in Tehran on more than one occasion. I've seen people there whose loved ones have been imprisoned and who have no one but her to turn to for help. To them she's hardly a useful idiot. You may disagree with her views, but I suspect you haven't a fraction of her courage.

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