Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The decline of the grit empire

Andrew Coyne has taken a few minutes off from Tory bashing,to write a piece on the decline and fall of the once mighty Grits. He has some suggestions for them, but given the ndp takeover, I don't see any of this happening. It remains to be seen how long the right of grits willtolerate the ndp takeover. When they finally realize they have no place in the grits, the final curtain should fall.

Today the situation is far more dire. In 1960 or 1991, it was still possible for Liberals to hope that, with a turn in the political tides, they could be carried back to power in relatively short order. In 2010, that is a harder case to make. Much is made of the failings of their current leader, Michael Ignatieff, as much was made of the failings of the last, and of the one before that. But the truth is that the Natural Governing Party is in the grip of a historic political realignment, which it is all but powerless to resist.

The only surprise is that we did not see it coming long ago. As recently as 2003, it was still common to refer to the Liberal party as an unstoppable political dynasty, and to Canada as a system almost of one-party rule. Yet that impressive imperial facade concealed deep fissures. The Liberal empire was cracking up, and had been for more than 50 years.


Rich said...

While Coyne's comments are wide ranging, he misses the central issue (IMO) that you have outlined.
Increasingly, the Libs have been spouting idealistic socialist nonsense and with the hard left cadre firmly in place, I see no chance that they will veer back to the centre.
I hope the CPC strategists begin NOW to the fight against Rae, Dosnanjh and the other socialist detritus that now contaminate that party. Attack the costs associated with their suggestions and the double standards they employ.
Cast them as unprincipled and power hungry and keep hammering away at that message.
There are both future and present benefits to doing this.

Spin Assassin said...

Ha! At the end he advises them to try a carbon tax LOL. How many people don't understand the word tax?
Where do the big heads get this idea that we didn't know what a carbon tax was because of Dion. They think we'll like it better if someone else explains it. WOW. The arrogance of some people.

Go ahead Liberals. Follow Mr. Coyne. It will be even more fun the second time around.

Rich said...

Right on "Spin" !
Dion got lost trying to explain this and for sure Iggy will make a complete hash of it as he has zero connection with an audience when he speaks; he gets lost in his own words too.
Bring it on.

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