Monday, April 26, 2010

Complain about grit hack frank graves

Senator Findlay wants us all to complain to the CBC about biased liberal hack frank graves. I have already written to the cbc ombudsman. I already give the maximum, I can  to the party. I urge you all to write to the cbc ombudsman and donate money to the Tories. Let's teach the cbc, and the liberal hack frank graves, a lesson. I also urge you not to answer ekos when they attempt to contact you. We should boycott this liberal front organization.

=CBC-Liberal “Culture War”?

Here we go again.

Yes, I am writing to you about the CBC. Canada’s national public broadcaster. A Crown Corporation that receives over one billion dollars per year from taxpayers. A network with a mandate to serve all Canadians.

In recent days we have learned that the CBC’s pollster on party politics, Frank Graves, has been providing both money (at least $10,762.81 since 2001 according to Elections Canada) and strategic advice to the Liberal Party of Canada. His contributions are huge and his advice is incendiary. Graves wants the Ignatieff Liberals to wage a divisive “Culture War” that would pit East against West, young against old, and urban Canada against rural Canada. He even suggests that if people don’t like the Ignatieff Liberal vision of Canada they can move to the United States (an odd statement given Michael Ignatieff’s fondness for America).

Week after week Graves expresses opinions about Canadian politics under the guise of being the CBC’s neutral pollster on party politics. And just until recently viewers have been kept in the dark about his Liberal contributions and his Liberal advice. But the CBC continues to stand by Graves, their “neutral” pollster.

This episode demonstrates – once again – that we Conservatives are up against a powerful array of vested interests. Vested interests who want to go back to the days of Jean Chretien and Paul Martin. Back to higher taxes. Back to a weakened military. Back to political correctness. And they’re willing to support a highly divisive “Culture War” to take us back.

We can’t afford to go back. We can’t afford to let Frank Graves and the Liberal “Culture War” to prevail. Because Canada, after years of drift, is once again moving forward. Our world-leading Economic Action Plan is delivering results. Our military is being re-built. And there’s a new spirit of national pride taking root across the country. These changes did not happen by accident. They are a result of strong Conservative leadership. Never before has the choice in national politics been so clear.

I am asking you to do two things.

First, write to the CBC and tell them it’s unacceptable to present Frank Graves as a neutral pollster on party politics. You can reach the CBC’s ombudsman by email at, or by phone at 1-416-205-2978.

Second, please make a contribution to the Conservative Party of $200 or $100 right now by following this link. Unlike the Liberals, we can’t count on the vested interests. We rely on donations from proud patriotic Canadians like you.

Doug Finley
Campaign Director

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Owner and Doggy said...

In your words, "What about innocent until proven guilty."

Kit said...

He ain't innocent... he's a Liberal. What he was advising is Sedition... and he's guilty as sin.

Anonymous said...

Forget that this guy is a liberal cheat, we all know about liberal propensity to cheat. They should fire him because he is incompetent. I don't want incompetents working for government agencies being paid big bucks. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

After the parliamentary committee is done with Jaffer, I wonder if they could summon Frank Graves of EKOS Research, for examination of his conduct and his relationship, with the CBC and the Liberal party, before the RCMP are asked to launch an investigation, on behalf of Canadian taxpayers. I expect the CBC ombudsman, ethics commissioner and the Auditor General should also be summoned to investigate apparent conflict and possible fraud involving taxpayer funds.
In view of recent statements and revelations, once Canadians learn that Graves' firm is paid by the CBC (funded by the Canadian taxpayer) and that Graves has contributed $11,042.72 to the Liberal Party, and contributed to the leadership campaigns of Ignatieff and Bob Rae and has been the recipient of 61 million dollars of government (taxpayer monies) contracts from the Liberals in return, Canadians will seek and demand some answers.
Canadian taxpayers are much too astute, to be duped by Graves' clumsy and inept attempt, to claim he also contributed to the Conservatives, when on a cursory examination we find that contribution was a paltry 449 dollars to a Conservative candidate. This calculated deceitful ploy may have allowed him to publicly state that he contributed to both political parties ( hoping details would not be divulged) but it did not stand up as being candid and scrupulous, on close detailed inspection.
Recent reports in the media of his actions, and his own statements in interviews, has opened this can of worms, so appropriate players must now deal with it, since millions of taxpayer's dollars are involved, and these are not allegations and innuendo but are a matter of fact.

Nate said...

Take that, Frank Graves! The Conservatives Serve all Canadians!

I Support Lord Black