Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chris Alexander: A very impressive Tory candidate

 I recently met the Tory candidate for Ajax Pickering. Chris Alexander was Canada's Ambassador to Afghanistan. He has an amazing resume. He was educated at McGill, U of T, Laval and Oxford.He was  on the varsity rowing team at McGill.
 He is multi lingual speaking English, French, Russian, German and Farsi. He was one of Canada's Top forty under 40 in 2006.
 He has extensive diplomatic experience at the United Nations, in Russia and of course Afghanistan.
 He has extensive training in conflict resolution and leadership.
 He has a huge list of awards and accomplishments. He is married to Hedvig Christine Alexander with a one year old daughter named Selma.  Given all that I found him humble, easy to talk to and a great person. Our party is very lucky to have such an intelligent, articulate young leader as our candidate in Ajax Pickering. He is a rising Tory star.
I urge all of you to help Chris Alexander to become the Tory MP for Ajax Pickering. Donate, volunteer and vote for him!! Join his Facebook group.

Maclean's Interview.
Watch the video.

A conversation with Afghan expert Chris Alexander from SSR Resource Centre on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Can he talk some sense into Harper and stop the deficit madness? HArper is destroying our country with spending.

Big Red Magnum said...

You got to be kidding.
Chris Alexander. A personal special representative of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.
I would never vote for an ex-UN diplomat, holy #$%^ man know your enemy.

Anonymous said...

Well, for the good people of Ajax-Pickering, it's Alexander or the reprehensible Mark Holland.

I Support Lord Black