Saturday, April 03, 2010

censoring comedy

The thought police at the hrcs now want to try and censor comedy. If they wanted to embarass themselves further they have succeeded. May I suggest that humourless people, who are easily offended not go to comedy clubs. Unfortunately such people in Canada join hrcs. This case should have been thown out without a hearing. It is ridiculous on its face. I also want to know why the person bringing the case wasn't charged with assault. She apparently threw drinks into Earle's face.
This case s just another reason that we should, as Ezra says, Fire them all!

Local comedians, including some lesbian wisecrackers, are calling the discrimination claim plain silly. They worry their freedoms to poke fun and mock have been put on trial. "It's a bad joke," says Ardell Fitzpatrick, a veteran comedian and lesbian owner of Laff Riot Girls, a Vancouver comedy troupe that describes itself as the city's "number one gay-friendly show."

"It's like I can't make fun of my own race anymore," says Patricia Louis, a First Nations comic who, with Ms. Fitzpatrick, watched this week's hearing. They both left the tribunal shaking their heads.

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