Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Canadians pay too much tax

This should not be news to anyone. We pay too much tax and we get far too little value for those tens of billions of dollars. We need tax cuts. We need spending cuts. We need a majority Conservative government

You don’t need a study to tell you that taxes are gobbling up a huge portion of your salary.

Still, the Fraser Institute routinely reminds Canadians of their fiscal pain. In 2009, the think-tank notes, the average family paid 42% of its income — or almost $29,000 — in taxes.

That’s up dramatically from the 33.5% of income the average family paid in 1961 in total taxes (everything from income taxes to levies on tobacco, booze and gas).

Canadians should ask themselves if they’re getting value for all the money they send to government, says Fraser Institute economist Niels Veldhuis.

“We’re not getting value for money,” concludes Veldhuis, citing waste in the public sector as a major factor. “It’s a matter of putting pressure on our politicians to make sure they do one of two things: They either lower our tax bill or they give us better services.”

Government waste is a given. It involves politicians and fat-cat bureaucrats spending our money, after all.

But there’s simply no way, particularly at the federal level, of monitoring how much is being spent and whether that money is being used wisely.


Kunoichi said...

I have the rare (these days) privilage of being a full time, home schooling mom, thanks to my husband being able to command an income that puts us in the "high" gross income bracket. It's absolutely painful to see how much he loses to taxes, and with cost of living increases, it's been just as hard to support 4 people with his net income at the upper income bracket as it is in the lower income brackets.

We don't mind paying taxes. We understand that it's necessary to pay for the things that make Canada such a great place to live. What bothers me is the incredible amount of waste in the system. From his time in the military until now, my husband has been working with the goverment either directly and indirectly since he was 19 yrs old. It doesn't matter what department he's worked with; the amount of wasted taxpayer dollars he's seen is mind boggling. Meanwhile, areas that actually need the money to do what it's supposed to be allocated for go begging.

Our levels of government need some serious house cleaning to eliminate the layers of beaurocracy that suck up funding until there's almost nothing left for what it was meant for.

Anonymous said...

The Conservatives? Those pricks that have done nothing but jack up spending? No thanks!

Werner Patels said...

I shared my own views on the subject earlier today:


bertie said...

Only pricks i know are the ANONYMOUS ones and Liberals.Give the Conservatives a majority and your taxes will go down.Keep this divided parliament going and sure as the sun comes up your taxes will be going up,for carbon tax and other green BS taxes.This GREEN scam is far worse than any war we have been involved in,far worse than fighting street gangs or the mafia.It involves ordinary people who think they are doing something for the planet by buying carbon credits and letting their weeds grow.I say they are just ignorant or in on the scam.Anyone with a brain can do some research and find out that they have been taken to the cleaners by this green program,yet they still bow down to the GORES and Suzuki gods.They and they alone should have to pay for these projects like the wind farms and Governments especially provincial should stay out of the green scam business,because we all know what idiots keep getting elected by these Liberals.

ryan said...

What do you think is a reasonable level of taxation?

What areas of spending should be cut, and by how much?

Also, where is the best place to go to get information about government spending, whether at the national or provincial level?

Marko said...

I agree with anyone who says we pay too much tax. I am also sure that much of the money collected of our backs is wasted. I believe in a flat tax system and feel that if everyone paid a flat tax of 10% of their gross income the governenment would be awash in extra cash because of people and business's not trying to hide their true incomes.
I also agree with the Green scam comments and feel that we have been sucked into a huge vortex full of eltoro poopoo regarding clean air issues. I won't say anymore about that other than carbon credits remind me of the story of the emporer's new clothes. Lots of talk about something that doesn't appear to exist but much fuss is made of it.

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