Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Canadian Muslims

I have often written about the jihadis, but I know there are moderate Muslims who are my friends and neighbours. I have the greatest of respect for Ismaili Muslims and for their leader the Aga Khan. I have called him the Peaceful Imam. There are many Muslims
who are Sunni and Shia who want to lead decnt Godly lives. Unfortunately there are the apostate jihadis who frighten these moderates and murder and pillage. It is this significant minority that we must all fight against. Making all Muslims our enemy is just a bad idea.
Update: Onward James has more on the authour of this article.

Still, the CIC has not succeeded in intimidating Canadian media. Although I disagree strenuously with both the non-Muslim Mark Steyn and the Muslim “dissident” Irshad Manji, both are more widely read, proportionately to their audiences, than any non-Muslim critic or Muslim dissenter in the U.S. Full disclosure here: In 2003, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation produced a four-way debate including myself, Manji, Sheema Khan of CAIR-Canada and Dr. Jamal Badawi, the latter being one of the most extreme Sunni fundamentalists in the English-speaking world. Such an encounter on national television is almost inconceivable in the U.S. In addition, Salim Mansur, columnist for the Sun Media newspaper chain, is a prominent member of the organization I founded, the Centre for Islamic Pluralism. Mansur provides a lively and informed Muslim perspective absent from the American dailies, which are typically satisfied to offer Muslims space only for “politically correct” presentations of an Islam without problems. A Canadian Muslim and former student of Mansur at the University of Western Ontario, Imaad Malik, works on prison issues for CIP.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I have known same people, believing they are now in Calgary. These people have charity and giving as part of their creed. (real conservative)

David said...

I vote to expel all muslims from Canada. they are all inveterate liars to deceive us from the real agenda of their death cult, submission and death to all who won't acquiesce.

Roy Eappen said...

Totally disagree with you David. That comment was not helpful.

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