Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Brian Lilley on abortion

I am pro life. I think abortions should be discouraged. I think contraception is a good idea to prevent unwanted pregnancies. I think Canada needs an abortion law, but I would not outlaw abortion. Outlawing abortion is not a practical solution. I would defund abortions. I find it loathesome that I help pay for this elective procedure, which has little to do with health. It was fascinating to watch billary lecture us on this issue, after as Sandy points out bo announced extending an executive order banning federal funding for abortion. I think many Canadians have this out look. Canada has no abortion law and allows children to be "aborted" until 9 months! Even liberal European countries like France, restrict abortion aftr 13 weeks! Brian Lilley has a great piece on abortion polling.

What we currently have in Canada or have had is a policy that is completely different. Abortion is legal right up until the point that the baby takes its own breath, independent of the mother, the best estimates are that of the nearly 100,000 abortions in Canada each year, 5,000 or so are in the last trimester.
In all provinces but New Brunswick, abortion is funded entirely by the public health system even when performed in private clinics like the one that sits a block and a half from Parliament Hill. Canadians, as Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has been reminding us lately, have been funding abortions overseas for 25 years or more through foreign aid grants.

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L said...

No we do not need an abortion law. The decision is right where it should be - between a woman and their doctors. Contraception is not 100% effective and men do not have to face these choices. Health care funds lots of things of which I do not approve (sex change, artificial insemination, excessive testing), so that argument is specious and places the burden on one party.

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