Friday, April 30, 2010

Another so called journalist jumps into the culture war

I am always flabbergasted by radical feminists who ignore the fact that many many abortions in the so called third world are used to eliminate girls. They also seem uninterted by honour killings and other such barbarous acts because it is culturally insensitive to talk about those things. they also believe that they speak for all woman. They do not.
I am also fascinated that the leftist journalist cabal are amazed the cbc allowed a couple od conservatives on air. I guess haven't noticed that 95% of their staff is leftist. I am happy to see these lefties expose themselves for who and what they are. I am glad that we are bot funding abortions abroad. Why do we fund this elective procedure (in 95%) of cases here? The truth hurts doesn't is susan? By the way there are quite a gay supporters of the Tories and you of course know that, but it doesn't really fit with your leftist world view.

Finley, of course, has always been a rigid partisan and Harper's government has never shown much delicacy when it comes to labelling its rivals anti-Semitic, anti-American, unpatriotic, soft on crime -- or suggesting they are "in bed with the separatists."

As for Conservatives being victims of CBC bias, Teneycke has a paying gig defending the Harper world view -- a task the former PMO communications director carries out with aplomb. Another former Harperite, Tom Flanagan, is also a frequent CBC guest (although he has a welcome independent streak.) Nor was Alberta conservative Ezra Levant silenced, or even chastised, when he appeared on CBC this week and repeated his insulting claim that Liberal MP Irwin Cotler is a "porch Jew" and called Graves "a junk hack."


Anonymous said...

Great post. Abortion is such a toxic subject, I applaud your decision to write on this issue. Read an interesting article this week regarding the Pro-Life movement in the States - the abortionists are appalled by the number of young women who do not support their views. The advent of ultra sound, premature baby survival and education has turned the tide. This is good news. Cheers. FernStAlbert

Alex said...

Could there be a method to the madness? If females are selected against through abortion, it also skews the fertility rate of the following generation. Fewer women will bear fewer children.

I don't think Feminists are in on this little population control scheme, I think they are duped like so many others.

It seems as if the entire spectrum of leftward agendas align on the single point or anti-human population control.

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