Monday, April 19, 2010


I must admit I had written off the ADQ as a dead horse. I am technically still a member, but I was thinking of supporting a new center right party in Quebec. I may may have been too quick to right off the ADQ. In fact some of the commentators on my blog have said just that. Two things have changed my mind. Firstly the anti charest storm. Secondly the latest poll numbers which has ADQ at 13% with significant support in the English community. So the ADQ has not died and will not die any time soon. My friends still in the party tell me they are reorganizing, improving their ground game and reaching out to those who have left. The toxic elements of the party seem to be gone and it is time to rebuild. I urge my friends who have left the party and have considered starting a new party to reconsider. It will take far too long to start a new center right party and without a totally dead ADQ, the PC/Reform fight will be repeated in Quebec. The ineffective charest liberals seem to have left the possibility of a pq government much more likely, so the ADQ must propose a third way.
So I urge all my friends on both sides of this divide to forgive, forget and work for our common principles.
Its time for the right to reunite in Quebec and work together to defeat both the old ineffective
tax and spend parties.

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