Friday, March 12, 2010

Unemployment falls in Canada

While the US economy continues to shed jobs ( albeit more slowly), the Canadian economy is creating them. The Canadian numbers were better than expected. More bad news for the grits. Unfortunately a lot of these jobs were government jobs, so not great news

OTTAWA -- Canada had a net gain of 20,900 people finding work in February, Statistics Canada said Friday.

This helped bring the unemployment rate down one basis point to 8.2%.

These results were better than expectations of economists for a gain of about 15,000 jobs, keeping the jobless rate steady at 8.3%.


CanadianSense said...

I can picture four opposition leaders crying about the persistent good news.

Ekos has a poll highlighting the out of touch parties with the March 2010 Budget.

Jen said...

The national media(cbc ctv and others like them, are upset that our country canada-not theirs, is doing a great job. It is unfortunate, that these medias are 'blinded' with hate for the PMSH what for that is the question in every one's mind. Yet they call themselves reporters-for who-surely not for canadians.

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