Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tribute to Liberty

Barbara Kay has a great piece in support of my friends at tribute to Liberty. The evils of communism need to be remembered and further exposed. This wicked ideology is far from dead. indeed it seems that the vile grit trudeau stopped Castro from relaxing the controls on the Cuban people. The proponents of this evil are still around.
Please donate to this worthy cause.
I also note that my friends at the Free Thinking Film Society will probably be screening Soviet Story in May in Ottawa. Edvin Snores the director will be in attendance.

A necessary memorial
Canadians should be exposed to the full panoply of communist atrocities

Barbara Kay, National Post
In 1968, naive anti-establishment American and Canadian students considered themselves courageous for locking supine university presidents in their offices, throwing computers out of windows and even burning out-of-favour academics' research work. They knew that in the free, indulgent West, their childish parody of a revolution would result in nothing more than a suspension from their studies.

In the same year truly courageous Moscow academic Yuri Glazov signed the famous "letter of the twelve," protesting illegal arrests and trials of dissidents, knowing full well that this real act of revolution would result in a suspension of his human rights.

Glazov was predictably fired, meaning he was henceforth unemployable and deemed a "parasite" on the state. Warned by a friend, he narrowly avoided imprisonment on a trumped-up narcotics-dealing charge. Finally, through a stroke of luck, Glazov came with his family to the West, and in 1975 took up residence in Halifax as chair of the Russian Studies department at Dalhousie University, a position he held until shortly before his death in 1998.

An outstanding Canadian, Glazov deserves recognition, and so do many other brave dissidents for whom Canada has been a refuge. Nine million Canadians -- that's almost a third of us according to the 2006 census -- came to these shores from communist-ruled countries. Many are now dead or very old. Their descendants deserve to see their sacrifices acknowledged and Canadians exposed to the full panoply of communist atrocities.

Prospects for educating Canadians about the human toll exacted by communism through their stories will brighten when a long-sought Ottawa Memorial to the Victims of Totalitarian Communism is completed, a project singled out for endorsement in the recent Throne Speech.

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