Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Susan G. Cole is a national embrassment

You can watch her being interviewed on Fox news here. I never read NOW magazine while I am in Toronto. This woman shows why that makes me very wise. This censor defends what happened in Montreal. Perhaps she would appreciate the same treatment if anyone actually wanted to hear her speak.
B'nai Brith gets it, while as is to be expected Alan Rock doesn't. Alan Rock should be proud of his censor francois houle who empowered his houligans to empower the event. I urge the alumni of the university of ottawa to stop giving money to this pro censorship organization and give it to a worthy cause.


Anonymous said...

I also saw this woman and couldn't believe anyone could be so stupid and hypocritical.

Ken said...

I just watched your clip and I couldn't believe her stated belief that Canada doesn't have "freedom of Speech" That a person comments somehow must pass her evaluation of being valid.
Free thought and expression has no place in Canadian Universities??? What we going to turn out "Brown shirts" to march to the Political will of the day. If I ever see that magizine I'll surely write each and every advertiser and show them what they are supporting!!!

Anonymous said...

Now, you wouldn't guess from the interview that Susan Cole's Now Magazine has itself been the subject of two hate speech complaints to the Canadian Human Rights Commission, for printing comments referring to Toronto as an "anglo-saxon shithole" and to "greedy white motherfuckers", hmmm???

Ardvark said...

Some interesting Susan Cole links can be found at the bottom of this post.

Anonymous said...

Susan Cole is a regular on the John Oakley Show at 640am radio on Thursdays and spews her opinions as if she has the only True perception of reality for life on the Planet.
Her 'claim to fame' is that she is a Jewish/female/lesbian/Comedian that now has a child and will raise that child with tolerance and love that hetero's often fail to do.
Very few Comdedians make me laugh because today's stock of yahoos merely spew foul language for the shock factor or use their Minority-Status to spew hateful slur at good old Whitey/Christains or Conservatives.
Ms.Cole often fights for Free Speech but mainly when she agrees with the message, why???,because every year Toronto has a public event on Yonge Street Toronto where naked males can legally expose themselves to little boys as the Police do squat to stop it, or they actually arrest or remove the Christians with Placards showing a disdain for the Child-Abuse and quasi-pedophilia display in the guise of a Sexual preference protected by Barbara Hall's OHRC and the Ontario Judge that ruled in favour of this "Right" .
Remember, several Judges and Lawyers had once defended Slavery as the Public Good and the norm for some places on Earth. Would Barbara Hall had also defended the Slave Master's "Rights" if she lived back in that time????
Slavery was always wrong, and Child-Abuse was always wrong.
NOW magazine and Ms.Cole should make a public statement to take a stance on Child-Abuse so the Public can see exactly which "Rights" they defend, the children in canada or the Naked adult males exposing themselves to boys in public.

Pick one Ms.Cole, because your son will learn your values and his kids will learn his values.

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