Saturday, March 27, 2010

Simpson on the iffy conference

Simpson wonders if iffy and the grits are actually going to listen . Iffy and his grits want to institute more vast entitlements that we cannot afford. The iffy proposed national daycare program will cost at least $15-20 billion. Health care spending will eventually take up the whole budget. It's time to decide what services are essential and which one should be privatized.
Will the grits endorse massive tax increases to pay for their vote buying endeavours? We shall see. I doubt this conference will lead to much. iffy is still out of touch. I have actually heard grit activists say that iffy has been out of Canada too long and he doesn't understand the grits, let alone Canada.

The people who accepted the Liberal invitation were hardly representative of Canada. There were very few people from rural Canada, few aboriginals, few visible minorities. These were the high-minded and the successful but, as such, they were people with important things to say.


Smart people talked, but was anybody listening, especially to the explicit and implicit difficult messages being delivered to Liberals, and by extension, to Canadians?

Were the Liberals listening when various speakers told them that health-care spending cannot continue to rise as it has for years? Did they understand the huge labour market mismatch between future jobs and too many people not skilled enough to take them? Did they appreciate the description of how the aging of the population will distend public finances?

Did they get the urgency of public investments in education? How will they react this morning if, as is likely, former Bank of Canada governor David Dodge tells them that higher taxes are needed? Will Liberals understand that they are kidding themselves (and the country) if they think even half of their lofty policy ambitions can be realized without more public revenues, which means higher taxes?

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