Sunday, March 28, 2010

the silence of the u of o president

The university of ottawa took a big hit this week. The university administration includes the censor houle and an absent president. This columnist says rock hid under a rock. rock wasn't a very good minister and he sucks as a university president. His belief in free speech is truly underwhelming, I guess he is a good liberal

OTTAWA — Is anyone in charge at the University of Ottawa? The school's reputation was ripped to pieces this week and all president Allan Rock did was issue a meaningless statement about freedom of speech, then run for cover.

The controversy over conservative American commentator Ann Coulter and her cancelled University of Ottawa speech was widely reported across North America and the university did not fare well. Its students came across as a bunch of intolerant, left-wing boobs and its administration only looked moderately better.

The university's handling of the matter was condemned by editorialists in The Globe and Mail, The Gazette and the Citizen. The Canadian Association of University Teachers demanded that the university's vice-president academic apologize for a note that raised "serious questions about the University of Ottawa's respect for freedom of expression and academic freedom." Coulter herself said the university was "bush league."

Given all of that, one would expect the person who runs the university to rise to its defence. Especially when that person is a former federal cabinet minister who has some experience in dealing with controversy.

Spin Assassin has video of what u of o thinks is an ok speaker.

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Anonymous said...

True liberalism used to mean believing in freedom of speech. Today a true liberal is really a conservative. People who call themselves liberal today are nothing more than small minded fascists who only believe in free speech when they themseleves agree with it. How far they have fallen.

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