Thursday, March 25, 2010

red star continues to despair of iffy

Even the grit cheerleaders at the red star ar despairing of iffy. Bob Hepburn thinks iffy's conference is shaping up to be a catastrophe. I just think it will be irrelevant to Canadians. Is donolo working with rae to oust iffy? The red star seems to be on board that train.

However, the Montreal conference is shaping up as a fiasco.

Many senior Liberals are giving Montreal a pass, claiming they have better things to do. Other veterans are upset that they were told to stay away and instead watch the event via live webcast at their local riding headquarters.

And in a stupid move, Ignatieff has excluded virtually every Liberal MP and Senator, insisting the conference is to be non-partisan. But where's the "team" in the "Liberal team" if only the leader can attend? And what does it say about Ignatieff's confidence in the ability of his Liberal MPs to generate new ideas?


Anonymous said...

Have a salad ya fat fuck

Anonymous said...

A good analysis Dr. There are problems in liberal la la land. If the drift continues we will hear less and less of iffy and more of Bob that is for sure. Like I said, expect to see exit of Iffy next spring or even winter. As usual the game is for the conservatives to win or lose and this time no stupid screwups. Focus, plan and carry through. (real conservative)

CanadianSense said...

Impressive the angry progressive base. Must be realization of a majority for the gov't is likely.

If we look at the other events, I suspect the pattern might be the same.

Ignatieff needs to find fresh new talent outside the existing Liberal tent.
The current membership have not fixed things, donated, repaid own leadership debts. He is getting serious and forcing them to look in the mirror, many are very uncomfortable.

A CPC dynasty from a smaller Lib caucus -Don Martin

Anonymous said...

Not a very nice comment Anony Libtard.

Liberal followers are starting to come unglued...the rage and fear is palpable.

I couldn't be happier! If only we could have an would be a bloodbath for the Libs!

wilson said...

LOL, looks like you had a visit from Ti-Guy, Dr Roy.

He's actually a Greenie. But some of the lower standard Ligbloggers still allow him to post.
I think Chucker was the last BT to allow TG to entertain, until he went on his women hating rant....then poof, he was gone.

That abortion foul-up was a biggy, for the Libs.
That was supposed to be a Dipper vote winner, and it turned out to be a Dipper and Liberal vote loser.

CanadianSense said...

TG is part of the clown car brigade.

Angry little souls behind a keyboard. I almost feel sorry for him.

I Support Lord Black