Saturday, March 20, 2010

Prof Mansur on the epic Iraq election

Prof Mansur argues that this is a transformative evet. It is indeed an encouraging sign. It should serve as a ray of light to the other opressed people of the Arab world.

The recent “tiff,” as George Jonas over at the National Post described the brouhaha between the United States and Israel, pushed aside the emphatically more significant story about the Iraq election from the top of the mainstream media’s news cycle.

The election by all accounts was fair, yet there is obviously some distance to go before it might be said a culture of democracy flourishes in Iraq — the land once ruled by the great king Hammurabi in the second millennium before Christ.

Nevertheless, this can be said of the Iraq election, despite the violence of those who fear democracy: It is a transformative event in Arab history and its consequences will have far-reaching effects over time across the Middle East.

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