Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Prof Joel Kotek

Prof Kotek
Prof Kotek, from Belgium gave a talk titled Images and Extremism: Old Wine in New Bottles. He has written a book on the issue. Many of the cartoons he showed were horrific and appear almost daily in mainstream Arab media. Much of the Arab anti Semitic cartoons have their basis in earlier Christian European anti semitism I have shown a few of these above. The figure of the Pieta being stabbed by the Israeli soldier is particularly shocking to me. These cartoons are a Way of dehumanizing Jews. Jews are always displayed as demons in these cartoons. Prof Kotek self identifies as a leftist, but he clearly states that these kind of images are anti Semitic and are meant to inflame. He did say that there can be anti Zionism without anti semitism, but that seems rarely the case these days.
Here is some video from another talk given by Porf. Kotek.

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