Saturday, March 20, 2010

Private Care

A couple of article in favour of allowing more private care. One from grit Dr. keith Martin and the other from Lord Black. It's time to stop extolling medicare as a religion and do waht works. A mix of public and private care works. It's time the Tories and like minded grits amended the Canad health act. Why are you a grit Dr. Martin?

However, one point all factions in the U.S. debate agree on is their determination not to emulate Canadian health care, which they all consider a textbook case of what not to do. American researchers have found aspects of the health-care systems of Australia, France, Germany and Japan worthy of emulation; but from left to right, they consider that Canada stifles doctors and reduces them to almost unionized public-service employees, inflicts intolerable delays on people in urgent need of prompt attention, retards medical research and imposes government interference on the doctor-patient relationship to an extent that American doctors and patients would not accept. Even comparatively radical Democrats in the Congress would never try to abolish private medicine or impose absolute equality of treatment on everyone, regardless of their means, as Canada does.

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