Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pierre Poilievre

I love this clip where Pierre takes down the pompous, self righteous mcguinty. The grits are so pathetic. Thanks Hunter.

Here is Ann on O'Reilly.


Anonymous said...

the pompous, self righteous mcguinty

now that's funny. pierre the pipsqueak is the king of pompous asses sitting on the government side.

he's the kind of guy who gets his ass kicked if he showed up in my local.

as for hunter...let's be serious. she has a "boycott google" banner on her blog...provided at no charge to her by google. you really can't be expected to be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

I'm at a point where I think McGuinty is even worse than Bob Rae was as Ontario Premier. Rae had a lot less time, more pressing problems, and he actually tried to take on the government unions. McGuinty on the other hand seems slimier than Chretien and slicker than Bill Clinton. (real conservative)

LobbyCanada said...

Stupid amateurish video. Not funny Poilievre. You 'righties' are getting weaker.

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