Tuesday, March 30, 2010

On Deficit spending, I agree with the Fraser Institute

I am a long time supporter of the Fraser Institute. I have great respect for their metrics. I am disappointed that HM Government has dismissed the Fraser's most recent analysis of the stimulus package. I am not a fan of deficit spending. The government should read the Fraser Institute's analysis and cut the deficit as rapidly as possible.
There are good things about the last few budgets including corporate tax cuts. iffy apparently wants to eliminate these cuts. So why didn't he support the dippers with their recent proposals .
It looks like republican donolo wants to restart merger talks with the dippers.


ast week on these pages we detailed the findings of our study, “Did Government Stimulus Fuel Economic Growth in Canada?” Based on the latest economic data from Statistics Canada and using the same methodology for analysing the data as the Bank of Canada, we found the federal government’s deficit-financed $47.2-billion Economic Action Plan had virtually no impact on last year’s economic turnaround.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty responded to our report with harsh words. Both criticized the report as being “ideologically” motivated. Minister Flaherty was “disappointed” and remarked that our report was “poorly done” and “shabby.”

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CanadianSense said...

Yes, if we expect the investment to be measured with those guidelines.

Political Landscape in a minority parliament can not be ignored.

The November Economic Update was rejected by the opposition?

In December the G8 - G20 agreed to a substantive activist approach?

Does the minority PM without any natural allies go to the Polls and risk coalition taking over


offer a spending initiatives negotiated with Premiers/Cities for 1/3 on public projects?

That being said I don't dispute the findings of Fraser showing the projects to date have done little.

Many of us would prefer rationalization and less spending and if we can find a dance partner in parliament to cooperate please let me know.

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