Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Old Wicked Songs

I recently went to Old Wicked Songs. I last saw this play
in 1997 in Yiddish. The authour, Jon Marans, came to talk about the play and his life a few weeks ago. His life is very much reflected in the play. He is a math music major. Many aspects of his life are in the play.
The play takes place in Austria at the time of Kurt Waldheim's election as Chancellor. It is about a Music professor and his relyctant angry pupil.
It is ahbout hidden truth and life. It is woven around Robert Schumann's musical poem die Dichte liebe. The play is a co production with theatre Rideau Vert and The Segal. It was performed with the same actors in French for the last month.It will tour Quebec. It was wonderfully done. Both actors are actually also musicians and both played the piano beautifully. The music and the plot blended perfectly. The actors both got a prolonged standing ovation. It was a great performance.

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