Friday, March 19, 2010

obama's Israel strategy

bo seems to want to try and destroy BiBi Netanyahu's governing coalition. Is he tilting away from supporting the only mature democarcy in the region? Here's Dr Krauthammer's take. It's not good to be a US ally under bo and the dems.

WASHINGTON -- Why did President Barack Obama choose to turn a gaffe into a crisis in U.S.-Israeli relations?

And a gaffe it was: the announcement by a bureaucrat in the Interior Ministry of a housing expansion in a Jewish neighborhood in north Jerusalem. The timing could not have been worse: Vice President Joe Biden was visiting, Jerusalem is a touchy subject, and you don’t bring up touchy subjects that might embarrass an honored guest.

But it was no more than a gaffe. It was certainly not a policy change, let alone a betrayal. The neighborhood is in Jerusalem, and the 2009 Netanyahu-Obama agreement was for a 10-month freeze on West Bank settlements excluding Jerusalem.

Nor was the offense intentional. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu did not know about this move -- step four in a seven-step approval process for construction that, at best, will not even start for two to three years.

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Dr. Roy, a mature democracy always acts maturely. (real conservative)

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